Monday, 29 September 2014

Swimming Pool Heaters –Know What Your Options Are

NE910MaxEThermSome people might assume that swimming pool heaters are only useful if the reside in a cold environment, People residing in warmer clients can often benefit from having a pool heater, extending the swimming pool season to year round. You should keep in mind that, without a heater, the water in the pool can cool significantly while the days are still very warm. However, a swimming pool heater will certainly allow owners to enjoy their big investment for more days to come. There are three kinds of poll heaters; solar, gas, and electric.
Solar heaters are extremely energy efficient, and low cost to operate. They can be expensive to buy and install. When sizing a solar heater you need 70-100% of the surface area of the pool. This often creates a problem on where to place that many panels. Solar panels can actually lower the pools temperature by operating the pool pump at night.
equipmentElectric pool heaters run the water past the heated coils and forces it back into the swimming-pool. Whilst an electrically operated pool heater is more expensive in up-front expenditures, it's often less costly to operate compared to a gas pool heater. Electric pool heaters take a longer time to heat a pool than gas heaters. Once the pool is heated the temperature is easily maintained and is lower in cost to maintain the temperature. Try to buy the largest heater your budget will allow as it will help maintain the pools temperature on those colder days.

Gas swimming pool heaters do an excellent job of heating up a pool rapidly. They are a great choice when keeping a swimming pool heated for long time isn’t essential. This is great for holiday homes, or for pool parties. Gas is generally more expensive to operate than electric.
These are the options available to you. It depends on you what kind of pool heater you choose. It is always good to deal with a reliable swimming pool supplier who has a range of swimming pool supplies or products.

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